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01 Are These Lines Slanted.gif02 How many faces can you find.jpg03 Which inner circle is bigger.gif04 How many prongs do you see.gif05 Is this a square.gif06 Is this a spiral.gif07.gif08 Vanishing Haze.jpg09 How many shades of Green.gif10 What do you see.gif11 Do you see circles.gif12 Which do you see.gif13 How many faces.jpg14 How many wolves.jpg15 What do you see here.jpg16 How many colors do you see.gif17.gif18 Jesus Illusion.gif19 Can you see the dog.gif20 Hidden images.jpg22 Duck or a Rabbit.gif23 Count the black dots.gif23 How many legs.gif24.gif25.gif26.gif27.gif28.gif29.gif30.jpg31.gif32.jpg33.gif34.gif35.gif36 Which is taller.gif37 Three Faces.gif38.jpg39 Duck or A Fisherman.gif40 Which is longer, Line AB or BC.gif
21 How is this posible.gif
How is this posible

Alex: I need some help on this one...
Matt: Ok this is not posable.thats all I can say :p
cathleen: it comes from the red piece.
Ian: There is a 5 degree difference on the angle between the green and red triangle
MOZY: The areas of both triangles are the same. The difference is that the red triangle is 1 block wider than the blue one. Because of this, the blocks on the bottom of the 2nd triangle can be arranged like that without affecting the area.
A-Ster: The shapes are all the same size, it's just that they can only fit together one way to make a original triangle!
Phil Mucrackin: I think the peice thats missed out comes from my ass.
julie: this hurts my fricken brain
Dallis : its just rearanging the shape you look at it and think its not possible but it is try looking at it as geometry i know everyone hates mathe but just try
Stefano: Ian is right. The top image is not a triangle, but a 4 angle. You have not a 180 angle at the vertex between red and green triangle. The sum of areas of the parts is 32 blocks. A "whole" triangle with cateti of 13 and 5 would give a 32,5 blocks of area :)Bravo????Ciao!
sophia: this ones easy
callum: its not
Jami: It's a little different they are not the exact same duhhhhhh
Jami: It's a little different they are not the exact same duhhhhhh