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01 Are These Lines Slanted.gif02 How many faces can you find.jpg03 Which inner circle is bigger.gif04 How many prongs do you see.gif05 Is this a square.gif06 Is this a spiral.gif07.gif08 Vanishing Haze.jpg09 How many shades of Green.gif10 What do you see.gif11 Do you see circles.gif12 Which do you see.gif13 How many faces.jpg14 How many wolves.jpg15 What do you see here.jpg16 How many colors do you see.gif17.gif18 Jesus Illusion.gif19 Can you see the dog.gif20 Hidden images.jpg21 How is this posible.gif22 Duck or a Rabbit.gif23 Count the black dots.gif23 How many legs.gif24.gif26.gif27.gif28.gif29.gif30.jpg31.gif32.jpg33.gif34.gif35.gif36 Which is taller.gif37 Three Faces.gif38.jpg39 Duck or A Fisherman.gif40 Which is longer, Line AB or BC.gif

Alex: Do you see a girl's face, or a musician in the picture above?
RHYS: its a dude playing the sax
Name: Man playing the Sax or womens face?
vicky: bill clinton ,playing the sax,lol
cathleen: huh. both
Natasha Kershaw: That is so cool
ilana: Cool, this is realy neat.
laura: its rubbish
sarah: if you look at it the way the guy is playing the flute or whatever, theres a little circle left where the chicks eye is supposed to be what is the circle now?... this thing is a gank
Phil Mucrackin: I see a nob nosed hobbit walking along eating his own penis.
dima madbak : both from left to right there is the musician and from right to left there is the girls face
fucker!!!!: yoo this is sooo fuckin stupid do u know that???this is 1 freakin mess!!!