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I was born in Stavanger, a city in Norway. I'm now living in a Brisbane, Australia which has a wonderfull climate. At least compared to Norway, just look at this graph.

I had been working a few years as a security systems installer before I decided I would take the hard step back into a student's life. So I came to Australia and commenced my IT bachelor. I've been into computers since about age seven, when my dad bought me my first Commodore 64.

Favorite saying: For every higher wall there is a higher ladder.

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Generaly: Alcohol & partying, girls, motorbikes and penguins :tux:

Music: Everything save blues, jass and most rap. My favorites range from Pink Floyd to Live to Milk Inc. to Prodigy to U2 to Smashing Pumpkins to Rammstein.

Me on the track with my RGV250

Cars: Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar

Bikes: Ducati, Aprillia, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda

Food: Anything that's not raw. Italian food and 'Norwegian Komle' are some of my favorites.
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:( Dis-Likes: :thumbsdown:

Cars: Volvo, Saab and the old people driving them like morons!

Other: Sales in over crowded shopping malls full of pregnant women!

This list could get very long, and since I have just offended over half of the worlds population, I will leave it with that.

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Mobile phone+61 415 79 29 49
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