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Mon 6  Jan-14 From: VeNiX   (Linux / Mozilla 5.0)

Nice website! :)
Greetings from Bulgaria! ;)
Tue 9  Apr-13 From: t   (Windows / Gecko 20100101)
Sat 21 Feb-09 From: Barney   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Hey Johnny stinks :firedevil:
Fri 14 Nov-08 From: Sam Smeller ! :banana:   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
:pc angry: Does anyone live here anymore? :banana: :pinocchio: Been looking for my friend John DeFarter ? I see he signed here but can't find him.. :beer2: ;(
Mon 1  Sep-08 From: Johnny DeFarter   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
:pc angry: Hey where is everyone :domina: :whip:
Mon 1  Sep-08 From: John DeFarter   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
:banana: Hey ! This is a gas..... No pun intended... :yeah that: Where is everyone ? :bud: Oh my ! That was a good one. :O did anyone hear it :huh: :pc angry:
Fri 2  May-08 From: Michae Jenje   (Windows / Gecko 20080404)
Nice site Alex. Very edu-taining.
Tue 5  Feb-08 From: John_DeFarter@yahoo.com   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
:banana: Hello ! This is John DeFarter Just wanted to say hello and give a toot :beer: for the NY Giants. While they broke records I broke wind.:clap:
Tue 7  Aug-07 From: Crystal Rata   (Mac / Gecko 20070515)
Happy Birthday Mr Alex. I hope you have the best day ever. Wish I could spend it with you xox :kiss:
Tue 27 Feb-07 From: bob.phillips1   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Sun 22 Oct-06 From: Eva Charlotte   (Windows / Gecko 20060909)
These stories about wigen are really cool.Mum thinks we are all related. :burnout:
Anyway I'm really looking forward to going to Austraila next year. We're all coming for your graduation cermony in Dec nex year!!! :clap: Antway talk to you soon

miss you a lot.OSV.

Lot of love :doggy:

P.s. Remeber to study a lot now :openbook:
Sat 3  Jun-06 From: jgilje   (Solaris / Opera 9.00)
Jawohl! Time to get rid of that eternal selfcompiling distro, don't you think? Get yourself a real OS!

(And why ain't there a pirate-smiley available?)
Mon 29 May-06 From: NIC   (Windows / Opera 8.51)
This is an iron from NIC!!!
Fri 28 Apr-06 From: George Wigen   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Hey....live in USA.... I'm a Wigen too, great great grandfather was from Norway.

Later...party hard!!
Sat 24 Sep-05 From: Christer Wigen, christer.wigen@comhem.se   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Hej, jag heter Christer Wigen och hittade din sida när jag var på nätet och sökte på Wigen. Min familj kommer från Tröndelag och flyttade till Sverige i mitten av 1800-talet. Vi har fortfarande kontakt med Norge. Australien, nästa månad åker min dotter till Australien. Hon bosätter sig i Sidney. Hon är 22 år och studerar juridik. Det vore morsomt om ni fick kontakt. Hennes mailadress är faffilaff@hotmail.com :elkgrin: