Some Friends

Be warned, some(all) of these pictures where taken under the influence.... ;)

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Aggie on the floor.jpg Another friend of mine.. ;).jpg Cass The Monkey.jpg duracell.jpg* Fra barnehagen.jpg Ibrahim and Paul.jpg* Ibrahim being shown who is the boss.jpg Jan Harald.jpg Kenti drinking.jpg Kenti is getting beer gogles.jpg* Kristian and Paul.jpg Kristian and Paul 2.jpg Kristian The Monkey.jpg Me, Aggie and Vejay.jpg* Mikkis, Nina and Me.jpg* Mikkis starting to get drunk.jpg Mikkis with his closest friends.jpg Oassen.jpg Paul with his new years cigar.jpg* Smulen.jpg* Stian preparing for melbas.jpg Susanne intoxicated...jpg* Susanne thinks its more important to drink than taking photos.jpg The whole gang.jpg Tobba.jpg* Tomas.jpg Tomas and Paul.jpg Tommy (Shell).jpg Tommy.jpg
* means picture has comments

Some Workmates

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Arnulf morgenvåken.jpg Atle, Helge and Peter.jpg Eivind også morgenvåken.jpg Liv også morgenvåken....jpg Peter.jpg* Roy.jpg
* means picture has comments
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