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Information about Compal CL10 Laptop

The CL10 (ACL10) is a rebrand that is sold by many companies. I bought mine from a Norwegian company called Zepto. The producer is Compal. Other brands it's sold under is: Toshiba, Z-Note, FlexNote and so on.

I get alot of request for info on how to open this laptop. The trick is to carefully remove the button panel. That's the panel which has the power button. There are more screws beneeth it.

Some of the CL10 has a broken DSDT. This means that the ACPI won't function completely. In my case that ment I could not access the ac-adapter state (online/offline) in linux. I will add info about fixing the DSDT here soon.

ACPI fix
Soon to come, in the mean time look at this CL10 page: Link to good page
Good Specs page
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