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Thu 22 Sep-05 From: Debbie   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Hi Max,:hi:
Wow a guy with a sence of humor,Knows great Music, Cars and Bikes... Where have you been all my life? :kiss: lol
So your Studying IT at uni... :pc user: How is that going for you?
I'm styuding IT at TAFE at the moment have a long way to go to get where you are at the moment, but i am really enjoying it !! wow would like to chat to you some time !! drop me a line
Bye for now.
Sat 13 Aug-05 From: amerei   (Linux / Gecko 20050127)

from the philippines here... sucks doesn't it? :)

belated happy birthday!
Thu 11 Aug-05 From: :devil: Alex :devil:   (Linux / Konqueror 3.4)
amerei, the news section is my blog.

Tue 9  Aug-05 From: amerei   (Linux / Gecko 20050127)
dude.. i don't know if you keep a list of referrers but you might wanna check for one coming from google with "linux girls" as query ... :)

i'll hang around this site sometime.. um.. you have a blog?
Fri 5  Aug-05 From: DETECTIVE NIC   (Windows / Opera 7.54)
This is a message from the Main :cop:Detective:cop: Namely: NIC OOON PETROLE!!! U want to have fun huh??? Just try.... JUST try.... 0=0 0=0
Fri 17 Jun-05 From: anette   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)


Sun 5  Jun-05 From: Eva   (Windows / Gecko 20041107)
Soon end of term :clap:'
don't let the the partying get to your head
everyone back home :norway: is missing you

seby and I wish you best of luck for exsams
big hug seby sends his purs

:thumbsup: :smile spin: :-)
Sat 28 May-05 From: Pan Yi   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
:clap: I like your homepage, I come from China. Shanghai is my hometown, now,I study in QUT in Brisbane.Major in international business.
Tue 24 May-05 From: nane   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
:firedevil: :door: :bath: :bud: :alc: nicw

Sun 22 May-05 From: me   (Windows / Gecko 20050511)
your scripts are great, but could do with a little bit more documentation! :spank:
Tue 10 May-05 From: MIDDO   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
yeewwwwww RGV riders rock keep up the good work and keep riding HARD
Thu 24 Mar-05 From: Liv   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Fyttigrisen for et morsomt bilde på framsiden, hahahahah :ok: Den var jammen god, hehehe...
Fri 18 Mar-05 From: Silje   (Linux / Gecko 20041208)
:elkgrin: :norway: :drink:

Thu 17 Feb-05 From: Liv   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Hei Alex!
Jammen lenge siden sist :smile spin: er snart ferdig med mi hjemmeside, då e eg meir på nett, mooohaahaaaa. Hb alt går bra me deg. Va innom Securitas her forleden, dei har jo flytta te Åsen. Ellers va ingenting forandra, hehe...men dei mangle jo oss :duel: får ta ein :alc: neste gang du e heima. Masse klem fra meg
Mon 7  Feb-05 From: captain filip   (Windows / MSIE 6.0)
Hello Alex :) how are u man, long time no see, when are u comin back to aust, come on so we can go and drink :beer2: hehe, anyways take kare man, love the site, cya soon