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My Crashes / Mishaps ;(

On Road
  • :(( 1994 15yr PX-R Broken leg, pillion also broke leg
    Plain stupidity. Went down a hill to fast and round a tight corner... a car came up the hill, bang!

  • :tongueout: 1995 16yr TS-X Nothing serious
    Some small falls and bumps, that's the charm of riding a moped.

  • :(( 1997 18yr BMW 325i Totalled
    This is the worst crash I've been in. I crashed sideways at about 130km/h into a cement wall. Luckily the wall was slanted, so I slid up the wall. 1 day in hospital. The cause was some grooves in the motorway which had filled with water by the heavy rain, so I aquaplaned.

  • :-/ 1999 20yr BMW 323i Totalled
    Slammed this one into the rear end of a Saab. Three cars cars bumped into each other, but no injuries. Wet road combined with to late breaking.

  • :tongueout: 2000 21yr CB500R Roundabout, nothing serious
    Came out of a roundabout and locked the front brake on some gravel. I had full riding gear, so no damage to me, though my pride was a bit dented.

  • :tongueout: 2001 22yr CB500R Let it controlled down on a gravel road (escaping some heat)
    Lost my balance at standstill in a turn on a gravel road and I didn't have the strength to hold the bike upright, so I had to let it down as easy I could.

  • :tongueout: 2003/11 24yr RGV250M Ran of the road in a slow tight turn
    I lost the front in a tight turn. Front tire had a groove from exessive wear on the track and when I tipped the bike that far over the front slipped. I managed to get the front back in, but then I was aproching the white line on the other side of the road and thought I better run it off an stop it. Which I did... just that the ground was so slippery with leaves and such that I fell and the bike stopped in the hill between a tree. Full leathers, so only a bit sore here and there... Full Story

  • :-/ 2004/08 25r ZX-6RR Highsided out of servo - Broken Collarbone
    I was driving out of a servo and the rear kicked out so far that I highsided and landed on my shoulder. This was at around 20km/h but I broke my collarbone.

On track
  • :tongueout: 2003 23yr RGV250M Light lowsider at the track (Darlington Park)
    My rear came out in a righthander. The rear shock on the RGV was actualy completely boorked and my tires where old, hard and worn. Combine that with (at the time) poor cornering skills and it had to fail. But it resulted in just some scratches on the paint work here and there, so I was ready for the next session

  • :tongueout: 2003 24yr RGV250M Light lowsider at the track (Darlington Park)
    Another lowsider in the same turn as the last one, this one was even lighter than my last lowsider. I was passing one rider after he had waved me past, and I went wide in the turn and hit some gravel at the end of the tarmack and there went the front and rear. Only a broken brake lever and some paint scratches