Me happy
Me Happy

1/3 J-3 Piper Cub

This is a kit made by Balsa USA. One third scale means that the wing span should be about three and a half meter or so!


The power will come from a Saito 300TL 2-cylinder 4-stroke 50cc. This engine has a very nice sound and with the proper silencer it should be very scale like.

Landing Gear

The landing gear is built excactly as on the real cub just one third of the size. Made of soldered steel tubes and workes very well with rubber bands as springs (just as the real cub).

The pictures are from the winter of '02 and work will continue this winter when I am home from Australia.

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body1.jpg body2.jpg body3.jpg body4.jpg head.jpg landing-gear1.jpg landing-gear2.jpg SAI_E300TL.jpg
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