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YAK-54 (140ARF)

This is a CMPRO YAK 54 140 size with pitts muffler and onboard glow system

super tigre g2300 (23cc) engine
slimline pitts muffler
17x6 apc sports prop
3 inch aluminium spinner
nipple fitted for a smoke system
hitec heavy duty switch
2 x hitec hs-645mg servos for the ailerons
2 x blue bird bms-660mg+hs servo for the push/pull elevators
1 x hitec hs-311 servo for the throttle
1 x hitec hs-645mg servo for the 4-40 pull/pull rudder
2 x carbon fibre push/pull rods for the elevators
1 x loin onboard programable glow system with charge jack and a 3700 mha sub c battery

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