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Semester Break
Here's a monthly update. Today I received a package from Norway with lots of Norwegian chocolate and other goodies, but that chocolate will tip the scale in the wrong direction :( Thanks a lot!

Over the last month I've been to Sydney :alc:, caught the flu and brought it back with me.:cold: I also picked up my "new" model aero plane, a Dago Red Mustang. Which looks something like this:

To fly it I had to join the local RC aero club (Tingalpa Model Aero Club). They have an excellent flying field and the Mustang flies great! It's a big club with over 230 members!

It's winter in Brisbane, the temperature has been as low as nine degrees! By the way it's summer in Stavanger now and I have put up a monitor that compares Brisbane and Stavanger that you can have a look at.

I also added a RSS feed to this page (if you don't know what a RSS feed is or what to do with it, don't worry about it) its:
From Mummy and Eva: Hi, :) Well, the weather here in Hawaii is great, 30C and best of all 27C in the sea. The Pacific is great, no jellyfish. We're having a wonderful time :rolleyes: but will be returning soon to cold and rain =-( It will be nice to see the cat - and everybody else. Kjempeklem :kiss:
From !!!: update dammit
From Geysa: Tere e-crew !Sooviks tellida 2 p2tsi leiba u 14ndaks juuikns ,kuna olen ainult siis Perthis. Ja kas teie kaest oleks v6imalik ka natuke juuretist osta?Andke teada, kas on voimalik ja kuidas see maksmine ja kattesaamine toimub.Ette tanades,Marge
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Study week
Wow, two and a half months since my last post, that's some kind of record! Well, it's winter in Australia and it's getting chilly... I'm talking about wearing a sweater outside after the sun goes down!! Not what I signed up for...

Apart from studying there isn't a whole lot happening lately. This week is study week and then there is two weeks of exams. When I'm through that I have got almost four weeks off!
From Elisabeth: Hei vennen min, lykke til p eksamen. Forundringspakke p vei!!! Gled deg... Masse glad i deg
From !!!: please update
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WEEEEEE! This is the start of my easter hollyday. It's a cloudy day with 27C. There will be quite a bit of assignment work in this hollyday as my courses are really fast paced and due dates for the first assignments are getting uncomfortably close.
I joined Paul at the gym yesterday, I'm so sore I can barely extend my arms :medic:
Right now I'm going outside to fly my radio controlled model plane :coolgrin:
From !!!: look! over a year!!
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About time
Only two months since the last update... 'bout time for a few words. Im of course back at uni, but in Brisbane this time. The Nathan campus is larger than the Gold Coast campus and seems pretty nice. Have settled into the house now and starting a routine. Uni will be pretty hard this semester as I am missing the pre-requisites in two subjects. I was on the track this Sunday which was nice but I was really rusty!
Anyways, cheers for now :hi:

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