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One Night In Bangkok
Ok, I'm sitting in the café at the hotel where I have just finished my breakfest at two o'clock :D. I have spent the last two days traveling through the biggest computer supermarket I have ever seen. Five huge floors with booths and big shops catering just for the technology enthusiast :D. Bangkok isn't very varm, t-shirt is ok, but short's are not :angry2:. When we travel south this problem will be solved ;)

(Edit: not valid anymore)If someone want's to call me, my number is +6647573943 just remember that we are GMT+7, so Norwegians add six hours, while Australians subtract two hours.
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In Transit
Ok, I'm sitting here at Heathrow waiting for my next flight to Bangkok... and it will be a long wait! Just around eight hours!!! God I hate traveling!!! :screwy:
Well enough whining, I guess I'm quite lucky to be able to leave the rain behind in Norway and enjoy 30 degrees plus...
The internet setup here at Heathrow is excellent. There is a nice place to sit, though the chairs could be a bit more comfertable, where there is power for your laptop and a network cable. I bought internett access for a day and paid twelve pounds. Not cheap, but beats the heck out of sitting around all day disconnected!! :pc user:
My plane leaves 2145, that's 2245 Norwegian time, 0745 Australian time and 0345 Bangkok time. (yes I'm bored!)
From darren: wy dont you drop off. :angel:
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Still in transit
Ok, just came back from my dinner, a pasta bake, and a few pints.:beer: Only four hours left now, but they are passing slowly. Man it sucks traveling alone. Trying to think about warm beaches now! :tongue:
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Here comes 2005!
Well 2004 passed pretty quick. 2005 will be interesting, I'm changing campus to Nathan and moving to Brisbane. I have changed my Bachelor of Information Technology to Bachelor of Information Technology advanced studies. That might be interesting :pc angry:. I'm not sure what will happen on new years eve, but I do know it will involve alot of alcohol (the true Norwegian spirit) :beer:

A happy new year to everyone! :alc:

Me happy
Me Happy