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Free E-Mail (your-name@wigen.net)

If you happen to be a part of the Wigen family and want a free e-mail address, drop me a mail, and I will make a free e-mail address for you on the wigen.net domain. I.e. your-name@wigen.net

If you have some other good reason why I should give you a e-mail address (friend or something) send me a message.

You can access this mail account through the WebMail link in the menu, or I can make the address a forwarding e-mail address so that the mail received at this e-mail address is sent to your existing e-mail address. Note: The webmail account also has pop3 access so you can use your favorite mail client.

Currently there is no limitation on how much space you can use for your mail. If you have a forwarding mail account the limit is dependant on the receiving end (the address the forwarding to). So no e-mails larger than what the receiving ends can store will be able to be received.

Webmail access
To access your mail using webmail just point your browser to webmail.wigen.net and follow the promts.

Mail client access
The following information is needed to use a mail client to receive mail from wigen net.

FunctionHostnamePortSSL Port
Incoming mail server (POP3)mail.wigen.net110995
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)mail.wigen.net25465

It is a good idea to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) if your mail client supports this, as most do. That will encrypt everything that is sent between the server and your client, protecting your password and any confidential information.

If you need any help send me a message here

And here is a mail address which will be collected by e-mail harvesters and lots of spam will be sent to. This will let me use the address to automatically train my spam filter. notarealaddress

This is a free service so I reserve the right to cancel any account at any time for what ever reason.

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