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Track Day 20/07/03
Got a low-sider on the first session lap 2. Combination of old and cold tires, "un-tuned" suppension, to much lean, not enough body lean. Kinda had to go wrong right? Result: broken front-brake lever, scratched pipes, scratched handle-bar weights, scratched fairing and a scratched/filed-down back-brake lever. The "crash" was a very soft slide, I slided of the bike as it spun round, and both me and the bike was on the tarmack when we stopped. What I was most worried about was being run over by the riders behind me... So not to bad. Luckily the guys at had a spare Suzuki front-brake lever and tools, so with that I was ready for the next session. I don't remember how many sessions I rode, but I guess a total of six sessions of fifteen minutes. Going better every session :) I was having trouble with the back-end coming out, I think I had 5 almost high-siders. On the later sessions I found that a _very_ far out and low body position would make the back end keep in place a bit better, but I need a new pair of rubbers.

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