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Track Day 31/08/03
Beautiful day at darlington park, bright sun all day! Last sunday it rained so the day was called off. I am marshaling so I get to ride for free. Very nice actualy cause you can use a break when you have done a couple of sessions.
My suspension is way to soft on the rear, but I can't adjust it cause the adjusting screw is stuck!! doh!
Now I _realy_ need some new rubbers! My rear tire is almost a complete slick! ;( More money...
(Later found out that the shock needs rebuilding... the screw was all the way in)

The blue/white RGV250 is a totaly prepped race bike, but the owner was unfortunate enough to get a high sider :(
The red bike went of the track just after the long strait and ended in the lake! It got an interesting exhaust job...

Thanks to Gold Coast Photography
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