Track Day 21/09/03

Another beautiful day at Darlington. I put in some of the best laps I have ever done. The bike is realy sticking and it's easy to outride the bigger bikes in the turns. On the last session with almost only marshals on the track I managed a lowsider after having been waved by a rider and going wide into the turn. Close to the end of the tarmack I hit some gravel and lost my front. Only damage was a broken front brake lever. Lucky I didn't have my fairing on. This is the same turn I went out in at 03/07/20... tricky turn if you come in to hot. Unfortunately two people had to go to hospital after crashing. The VFR400 in the pictures went down in the same spot as the RGV at 03/08/31 and the RS250 at 03/09/14. It's a crested high speed turn with a concrete "safety" wall. The bike got a real beating when it hit the wall sideways. The crank case cover got smashed as well as the clutch basket inside it!. The driver also hit the wall and received light injuries to his right elbow and knee.

I saw the first snake today and I don't think it was friendly as it rased it head when I came around the turn, about one meter and I saw a lizard lazing in the sun... and in my path.

Excuse the quality of some of the pictures as I was playing with digital zoom, and that didn't work out to well at all. If you want good quality photos from the day, go to Gold Coast Photography

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alex-2290.jpg alex-2297.jpg alex-2312.jpg ducati-0057.jpg* ducati-0079.jpg ducati-0091.jpg ducati-0102.jpg kaw-0053.jpg kaw-0054.jpg kaw-0066.jpg kaw-0078.jpg landscape-0032.jpg landscape-0050.jpg landscape-0104.jpg red-0074.jpg red-0082.jpg red-0083.jpg red-0096.jpg red-0100.jpg red-0106.jpg strait-0029.jpg strait-0030.jpg strait-0040.jpg strait-0068.jpg strait-0097.jpg* strait-0098.jpg strait-0099.jpg yellow-0005.jpg yellow-0006.jpg yellow-0044.jpg yellow-0056.jpg z-crash-0108.jpg z-crash-0111.jpg* z-crash-0112.jpg z-crash-0113.jpg z-crash-0114.jpg z-crash-0117.jpg
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